The Vivekananda Ashrama Kuala Lumpur

The Vivekananda Ashrama Kuala Lumpur (TVAKL) has been serving the educational, spiritual and cultural needs of the Brickfields community for many decades. The Ashrama (as the organisation is known) is run by a Management Committee and is registered as a Company under the Company’s Act. This entity in turn owns and operates not just the land on which the Ashrama building is located in Brickfields, but also four Tamil language schools.

The Vivekananda Ashrama KL (TVAKL) is dedicated to the ideals of Swami Vivekananda and his work in providing educational, spiritual and cultural  development for all regardless of race and religion. The Ashrama building in Brickfields and the four schools TVAKL operate represents the core of our work.

TVAKL runs three primary schools and one secondary school, serving a total of 2,500 children. The three primary schools are Tamil schools while the secondary school is a national school with Malay as the medium of education.